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Episode 17

HealablesA HealthTech and SportsTech startup commercializing AI driven Wearables designed to turn down pain and turn up performance. Pain is personal. The solution should be too.

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From the Executive Producer of ”The Masked Singer”

Enrichtainment: Create wealth and learn to invest with this new tv genre

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Meet the Circle of Money:

Rosie Rios



Former Treasurer of the United States

Steve Wozniak



Co-founder of Apple

Silvina Moschini



President and co-founder of TransparentBusiness

Alex Konanykhin



CEO and co-founder of TransparentBusiness

Lance Bass



Former NSYNC member

Moe Vela



Former Senior White House Advisor

Christopher Diamantopoulos




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Mike Walsh & Oren Michaels invested $5,000 in Uber pre-IPO. Their return: $25 million. * The stock purchased by some early investors in Amazon has increased in value over 20,000,000% These are just two of many examples of how profitable pre-IPO financing may be. But it is incredibly risky too. Many startups fail and investors lose their money. Do your research. Be cautious. Invest only the amounts you can afford to lose. Our mission is to provide you with transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities, so that you could make smart choices and, hopefully, become the next success story.

  • President Obama
    Unicorn Hunters are launched to implement the objectives of jobs act

    APRIL 5, 2012 - President Obama signs JOBS ACT that will help startups get access to a larger pool of potential investors and make it easier for businesses to become publicly traded companies.

  • Michael Piwowar
    “Shows like Unicorn Hunters are making people aware that there are these opportunities out there.”

    Michael Piwowar

    Former Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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