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Top facts

Grocery Shopii delivers meal-planning and shoppable recipe software that expedites the online shopping journey for busy, time-starved parents so that families may once again enjoy home-cooked, nutritious meals together.


Business industry:Retail

Number of employees:10-25

Business type:B2B

Years In business:1-4

Our advantage

Grocery Shopii’s innovative digital meal planning solution for retailers powers retailer revenue with machine learning and thoughtful automation, resulting in a highly personalized recipe curation for shoppers to select from. B2C offerings in this space can take up to 42 clicks to add a single recipe to a shopping list, but Grocery Shopii can add a week of meals to your shopping cart in just 4 clicks. The end result is an acceleration of growth for our grocery clients as they see a 25% increase in checkouts from our platform when compared to standard eCommerce. Our team of innovators seeks to serve the shopper with digital tools that simplify their lives. As a small but mighty group of problem solvers, we invest heavily in R&D to continue to change grocery shopping outcomes for our clients.



Digital Meal Planning That Fuels Grocery eCommerce When shoppers add items to their cart, yet don’t make it to check out, the end result isn’t just a lost sale for the retailer. There is a shopper out there who still needs a solution for dinner. Cart abandonment equally drives lost revenue and frustration, and its impact is strangling growth for grocers. Fixing this space, which we call the “first mile” in the user experience is essential to capturing more checkouts and serving real problems facing your shoppers. Shopii’s technology is built with feedback captured from hundreds of frustrated shoppers who struggled to find success in the existing recipe functionality available to them. Recipes are everywhere except where they are needed most – in the shopping journey for groceries. Shopii directly addresses this gap by feeding fresh recipe content daily from the hottest food brands and food bloggers, with recipes that can be added to their cart with a single click. We combine meal planning and online grocery shopping so your shoppers can plan and purchase a week’s worth of meals in under five minutes from your ecommerce site. By personalizing and expediting the user experience for the shopper based upon their unique needs and behaviors, we help retailers sell more products digitally with innovative technology that continues to serve the shopper in new ways.

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