Episode 17


Top facts

A HealthTech and SportsTech startup commercializing AI driven Wearables designed to turn down pain and turn up performance. Pain is personal. The solution should be too.


Business industry:HealthTech and SportsTech

Number of employees:Fewer than 10

Business type:B2C & B2B

Years In business:1-4


Our advantage

The ElectroGear and Healables systems empower Physical Therapists, Coaches, Trainers, and, for the medical products, also Doctors and other medical professionals, to provide superior, faster, and personalized care. Professionals acquire the systems for in-clinic use and to lease to clients for remote sessions and monitoring at home or on-the-go. When individuals heal or recover more rapidly, it benefits both them and their practitioners. As more people are assisted in less time, patients pay less while practitioners earn more.



At Healables, our mission is to craft personalized solutions for pain relief and performance. We are combining 3 technologies to build something uniquely special. - E-textiles for comfort and convenience - Wearable bioelectric health device for treating and tracking - Smart, data-driven app for AI, personalization, and precision health The ElectroGear Sports and Wellness Product Line Our inaugural product line, ElectroGear, is a wearable bioelectric device designed to customize performance and expedite recovery for athletes and the general population. The Healables Medical Product Line for pain relief and inflammation reduction Our Healables product line, currently in development, aims to introduce a wearable medical device utilizing AI to personalize and expedite bioelectric healing, inflammation reduction, and pain relief.

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