Episode 16

Measured Risk

Top facts

MeasuredRisk offers groundbreaking intelligence to reduce risks, secure supply chains, and strengthen global relationships for leading businesses.


Business industry:Information Technology & Services

Number of employees:100-500

Business type:B2C & B2B

Years In business:5-9


Our advantage

MeasuredRisk is the world's first and only company to look at corporate risk through the lens of survivability, defining risk in terms of the months and years a company will continue to exist, not in terms of arbitrary scores and datapoints. MeasuredRisk delivers real-time decision intelligence, transforming a sea of data into superior action. AI combines with the single largest aggregated dataset in the world, to enable MeasuredRisk to effectively assess nearly any company in a matter of seconds. MeasuredRisk’s predictive capabilities allow companies and governments to be proactive in their third-party decision intelligence, ensuring they enter and maintain relationships that protect their bottom line and secure their future success.


Risk is everywhere in our increasingly connected business landscape – in every relationship an organization forms with suppliers, partners, customers, and more. So, how do we stay competitive, profitable, and secure in this complex ecosystem? Ask yourself, "How long can we rely on XYZ supplier or partner?" MeasuredRisk answers this question with proven survival analysis, which defines exactly how long a company is likely to live. MeasuredRisk predicts the survivability, durability, resilience, and cyber hygiene of organizations with incredible precision and accuracy.

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