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Unicorn Hunters set with Alex Konanykhin, Mo Vela, Lance Bass, Silvina Moschini, Steve Wozniak, Rosie Rios and Scott Levingstoni

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There is plenty of space at our table. All stakeholders who can bring added value to our projects are invited to take a seat and help us develop them.

Unicorn Hunters

Our Mission

Over the past decade, we have never lost sight of our goal, which is to promote inclusion among investors and entrepreneurs by granting them transparent access to a diversity of financing, investment and business opportunities.

Our focus is on fairness, equality and justice. We have been opening doors, and opening them wide, for women, for the LGBTQ collective, and for other groups and communities who have traditionally been underrepresented in business and finance.

We are an inclusive community. Through Unicorn Hunters, women and other groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in business and finance can gain access to capital: as founders who pitch their potential Unicorns on our show or as hunters who believe in and support them by investing.

If the vision and the values of your organization align with ours, reach out to us and let’s talk!

Our Partners


    • Venture Capital firms
    • Tech Innovation Enterprises (Accelerators / Incubators / Hubs)
    • Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning
    • Entities with Impact: Economic Development Agencies/Diversification 
    • Entities/Trade Associations/Professional Boards and Associations (Women, LGBTQ, FoodTech, Cultural and Ethnic Advocacy Groups, Scientific Associations, etc.)
    • Services that foment acceleration: Educational/Training/Curation/Auditing/Accountant   Outsourcing/ Financial or Investment Advisors, among others.
    • Influencers / Ambassadors

Partner Advantages

    • Be there when a brand-new Unicorn is discovered
    • Access unique investment opportunities with the potential for high returns
    • Increase your visibility through our Show and our Platform
    • Experience growth in your current and future investments
    • Be part of a global community with common objectives and affinities

Let’s connect

Unicorn Hunters is currently seeking partners to identify, mentor and inspire the next generation of unicorns.

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Invest in companies that are part of the Unicorn Hunters with its official crypto: Unicoin.

Invista nas empresas que fazem parte do Unicorn Hunters com Unicoin, a criptomoeda oficial do programa.

Invierte en las compañías que forman parte de Unicoin Hunters a través de su criptomoneda oficial: Unicoin.

Unicoin is designed to be stable and profitable. It is audited, assets-backed, and transparent.

Unicoin é uma criptomoeda mais inteligente: lastreada em ativos, auditada e transparente.

Unicoin está diseñada para ser rentable y estable. Está respaldada por activos, es auditada y transparente.

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Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. These examples are extreme and rare examples of returns that have been realized. It should not be assumed that these types of results are common or that they should be expected. Investing in private companies offers the opportunity to earn a high return on your investment, but also carries significant risks, including lack of liquidity and potential loss of some or all of your investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please refer to Risks and Disclaimers to learn more about the risks associated with investing in private companies.