Silvina Moschini, an Argentinian immigrant, became a serial entrepreneur after working in communications at Compaq (as the PR manager for the Latin America and Caribbean Region, then head of international public relations), Patagon (a Latin American dot com hub for financial services, which was sold to Banco Santander Central Hispano for $585 million), and Visa (VP of corporate communications based in the U.S.).

A new reality TV show called “Unicorn Hunters” borrows the pitch-for-fame-and-fortune concept popularized by “Shark Tank” but adds an unusual twist: It’s not just the judges throwing money at the businesses. Viewers at home can invest, too.

With Bass’ marriage to Turchin still going strong, the “No Strings Attached” singer is gearing up for the launch of his upcoming reality series, Unicorn Hunters. The new show, which features other business pros like Apple co-cofounder Steve Wozniak, sees influential figures invest in existing businesses that are aiming to change the world as we know it. 

A new streaming-TV series called “Unicorn Hunters” will spotlight up-and-coming growth companies looking to hit the $1 billion “unicorn” valuation.

The series, which has been described as a “Shark Tank”–style show by its creators and will air on a number of streaming services, allows a group of investors to put up money for pre-IPO companies. Those investors include Apple AAPL, -0.32% co-founder Steve Wozniak and TransparentBusiness CEO Alex Konanykhin.

Smart Dog Media announced “Unicorn Hunters” will premiere on May 10.The pioneering new business series spotlights emerging growth companies working to hit the coveted billion-dollar “unicorn” valuation mark while rallying individual investors worldwide to help fund breakout ventures.

Self-defined as “enrichtainment,” the series combines pure entertainment with the potential for consumers worldwide to back select pre-IPO investment opportunities, thereby democratizing wealth creation.

Unicorn Hunters wants to be more than just entertainment. The TV show features a “Circle of Money” panel that includes Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Rosa Rios (former treasurer of the United States) and Moe Vela (former director of administration to Joe Biden).

Mom-and-pop investors will join Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and a Long Island securities executive in hunting for potential billion-dollar “unicorn” companies on a new streaming show.  

“Unicorn Hunters,” which debuts Monday, will make crowdfunding pitches available to millions of homes in a new form of populist capitalism.

Unicorn Hunters, the show that offers viewers the opportunity to invest directly into high-growth potential companies, brought Starton Therapeutics in its third installment.

Smart Dog Media announced “Unicorn Hunters” will premiere on May 10. The pioneering new business series spotlights emerging growth companies working to hit the coveted billion-dollar “unicorn” valuation mark while rallying individual investors worldwide to help fund breakout ventures.

A Former U.S. Treasurer and Lance Bass Look For the Next Big Company.  On the new show “Unicorn Hunters,” audiences can invest in startup companies before they get big, potentially winning a huge profit if the company takes off. 43rd Treasurer of the United States Rosa Rios talks about the show and working with other hosts including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and artist Lance Bass.

Do you have an idea, product or service that is a potentially BILLION dollar business but don’t have the money to start it? Check out “Unicorn Hunters” as they have the funding to get your business started! Tina talks to Rosie Rios about this great show!

Why it matters: “Unicorn Hunters,” bills itself as bringing the craft of pre-IPO investing to the mainstream and as “a master class for people out there,” Bass tells Axios. The title is a play on “unicorn” — the industry-wide nickname for startups valued at over $1 billion.

Moschini said she does not hire a person because of nationality, heritage, or choice in partners. She hires a person because they’re talented and have something to offer.

“We just make sure no one is left behind, and we remove the bias that separates incredible talent from opportunity,” she said.

Lance Bass & Moe Vela talk about their new show and explain how it really does pay to watch it. Also Bass talks TikTok and explains why today is a very special day for him!

Producer Craig Plestis’ Smart Dog Media (The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer, Celebrity Show Off) has set a May 10 release date for the first episode of its latest series Unicorn Hunters.

If entrepreneurs don’t want to jump into a certain Shark Tank, perhaps they’ll want to step into the “Circle of Money” on the new reality series Unicorn Hunters

That’s what producers are calling the panel of Unicorn Hunter hosts, the likes of which include former U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.


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