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Seeking $20M-50M of funding to take your company to $1B+ “Unicorn” valuation? Apply to be on the Unicorn Hunters show watched by investors around the world.

About The Unicorn Hunters Show

Unicorn Hunters spotlights selected companies seeking to reach $1B valuation, providing founders the opportunity to reach investors around the world.

It features a “Circle of Money” panel that includes legendary entrepreneurs and experts who ask questions, debate and evaluate each company presentation, ultimately deciding whether or not to invest their money. 

The panel of  experts includes: Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), Silvina Moschini (Co-founder and President of TransparentBusiness and founder and CEO of SheWorks!), Rosie  Rios (former Treasurer of the United States), Alex Konanykhin (CEO of TransparentBusiness), Lance Bass (venture capital investor and former member of NSYNC) and Moe Vela ( former Director of Administration to Joe Biden).


Founder benefits:

By being selected for the show, you will have access to:

Global Public Exposure

We boost your global presence with social media amplification, and international media exposure.

Access to Investors Network

Access additional investment opportunities for your company through our exclusive global investors club.

UH Platform Membership

Become a member of our Unicorn Hunters Club and access training, consulting support and other services to become investment ready.

Our Mission

Unicorn Hunters seeks to democratize wealth creation by creating new ways for founders to access funding, and for people to build wealth. It connects growth stage high-potential startups seeking funds with investors looking for lucrative pre-IPO opportunities.

Our Process


Apply and get pre-selected!

June – July


Engage in interviews with our selection committee and secure  a spot in  the show!

July – August


Get trained by our team to make your presentation at the show legendary!



Travel to L.A. to pitch at the show!


Have what it takes?

    • Seek USD$20-50M in funding for expansion.
    • Be at the growth stage focused on scaling sales.
    • Be able to make a strong case that your company can reach unicorn status, generating high returns for its investors, with an exit planned within 3 years.
    • Be prepared to travel to Hollywood, CA, United States; to appear in the show.
    • Be able to conduct your pitch in english.
Unicorn HUnters Unicorn

What do we ask for?

If you are selected for the show, we ask for a 10-year Option to acquire 5% of the stock in your company at the same valuation at which you’d be raising funds on the show.

Unleash the Power!

We promote the use of this new financial instrument that amplifies investment opportunities to a massive level, reaching accredited investors in the US and everyone who wants to invest globally.

The concept originates from the crowdfunding opportunities made possible by the JOBS Act of 2012, which helps startups get access to a larger pool of potential investors and make it easier for businesses to become publicly traded companies.


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