FTEs: 26

iBreastExams Performed: 450,000

Revenues: $3M (cumulative 2018 – 2020)

Grant Awards: $1.7M

Capital Raised: $4.85M



To make early detection of common cancers in women, inclusive and accessible – with the power of innovation.


To bring early detection of Breast and Cervical cancers for 10 million women in 5 years, globally.


UE LifeSciences is a women’s health company focused on preventive oncology. It designs, develops and commercializes medical technology solutions that enable early detection of leading cancers in women.

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Awards & Recognitions

  1. Pennsylvania Department of Health, CURE Grant Award ($878,000)
  2. Global Health Innovation Grant, Pfizer Foundation ($200,000)
  3. Grants 4 Impact, Bayer Cares Foundation ($175,000)
  4. StartHealth, Unitus Seed Fund ($80,000)
  5. Digital Health Accelerator, University City Science Center ($50,000)
  6. Helsinn – Lyfebulb Oncology Innovation Award ($25,000)
  7. Aspirin Innovation Award, Bayer Cares Foundation ($20,000)
  8. HITLabs World Cup Award NY
  9. Accenture Healthcare Innovation Challenge Award
  10. Inclusive Innovation Award, Anjani Mashelkar Foundation
  11. Arab Health Innov8 Award, Dubai
  12. Lexus Design Award, India
  13. IBM Smart Camp for HealthTech India
  14. Marcum Innovator of the Year Award
  15. PACT Enterprise Awards LifeSciences Startup Company



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Great! We just need a little information.

Great! We just need a little information.

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