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Unicorn Hunters

Why invest?

Unicorn is the name given to startup companies with a valuation of over one billion dollars. 

If you spot one and invest in it at an early stage, you could potentially earn enormous returns on your investment. 

No one has the ability to predict which companies will ultimately become Unicorns, but Unicorn Hunters offers you a front-row seat to hear the pitch from businesses that have what it takes to become one.

With Unicorn Hunters, you “discover” private startups at the same time as our Panel of Experts, and you get an equal shot at investing in these very promising companies before they go big.

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Join the Unicorn Hunters club

Wait! Was that a potential Unicorn? Opportunities come … and they quickly disappear. Few people are savvy enough to spot an opportunity and fewer still have the initiative to follow through with it. 

The Unicorn Hunters Club is an inclusive global community where a diverse group of disruptive and like-minded individuals gain access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities, in-depth economic analyses, and myriad resources for tracking and hunting potential Unicorns. 

How the Unicorn Hunters club works

1. Watch

Register. Watch Unicorn Hunters. Review the company pitch, terms and facts.

2. Choose

Select the startup that you believe in and want to support by investing.

3. Invest

Invest as much as you are willing to lose or gain and diversify your investments.

4. Follow

Stay up-to-date and follow the companies you invested in as they scale to become Unicorns.

How to invest

Offerings statements will be made public by the founders several days before a new episode airs and remain available for a founder-stipulated period of time afterward so that viewers can do due diligence and study the potential risks associated with investing in the company. 

In addition to the show itself, other videos and investment information, Offering statements and other essential disclosures will be made available to investors in multiple formats and across various platforms through the Unicorn Hunters community.

Potential investors can contact the founders to resolve any doubts, and Unicorn Hunters     encourages them to discuss opportunities with other investors on approved websites (subject to  limitations)

Before you invest, know the risks

Unicorns are elusive. Do your research.
Invest with caution

Mike Walsh & Oren Michels invested $5,000 in Uber pre-IPO. Their return: $25 million. The stock purchased by some early investors in Amazon has increased in value over 20,000,000%. 

These are just two examples of how profitable pre-IPO investments may be, but they are incredibly risky as well. Many startups fail, and their investors lose all of the money they invested. 

Want to invest in featured companies?

Access pre-IPO investment opportunities from vetted, high-potential startups. Join the Unicorn Hunters investment network. Invest smart. Build wealth. 

Viewers can review the company’s pitch, get to know its founders and team, gauge the risks involved, and study the company’s financial statements, Offering Statement, and other similar and essential disclosures. 

Potential investors can ask the founders questions, and they are encouraged to discuss the deal with other investors on approved websites (subject to limitations). 

Understand the risks


Who can participate? Almost anyone can! Unicorn Hunters is firmly committed to diversity, and we encourage women and other groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in business and finance to participate as founders, investors or partners.

How can I participate? Apply by filling out the form for founders, investors or partners.

Is it free to participate? Yes! You can invest in a future unicorn you discover on our program or offer us an alliance as a Unicorn Hunters partner. Certain fees may apply for founders .

Also: for a limited time, investors can join the Unicorn Hunters Club, absolutely free!

Unicorn Hunters

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Want to invest in featured companies?

Access pre-IPO investment opportunities from vetted high-potential startups.
Join the Unicorn Hunters investor network. Invest smart. Build wealth.

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Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. These examples are extreme and rare examples of returns that have been realized. It should not be assumed that these types of results are common or that they should be expected. Investing in private companies offers the opportunity to earn a high return on your investment, but also carries significant risks, including lack of liquidity and potential loss of some or all of your investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please refer to Risks and Disclaimers to learn more about the risks associated with investing in private companies.