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Upon watching my recent TV interview from the New York Stock Exchange, a number of our shareholders asked me about our plan to make Unicoin shares tradable on a major stock exchange.

The market situation has indeed became favorable for crypto companies listed on major exchanges. I believe that it’s far from its peak, but it’s already favorable for us to actively explore all the available options, including:

1/ A reverse merger. That’s the fastest way to go public and we are reviewing some NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies identified as suitable for such a merger. (If you know of a good option, please contact Alex Dominguez, our Chief Investment Officer, at [email protected] )

2/ Direct Listing. In collaboration with our outside legal consultants, we’ve prepared the S-1 application package to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission for such a listing.

3/ Traditional IPO. It’s my least favorite option as it takes much longer than the first two options and the investment banks control the process. IPOs are normally used by companies that rely on the IPO to raise funds, but we can continue to get funding by selling unicoins.


2/ I’m pleased to share with you a new article by Silvina Moschini, the co-founder and Chairwoman of our company:



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P.S.: My updates focus on our journey towards becoming a publicly-traded company and on our efforts to turn our Unicoin into a major cryptocurrency. These updates are not intended to serve as financial advice or to replace our official reports filed with the SEC. Please note that I cannot possibly answer all the questions myself, so your response to this message may be processed by members of our Investor Relations team.  My past updates can be found at u.site/updates  You can watch an episode of our Unicorn Hunters show about Unicoin at u.site/uhuc 

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